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About Us

Shalom and welcome to Beit HaTorah. Beit HaTorah is a Messianic synagogue founded in 1995 to serve the needs of the Messianic community in Cecil County and the surrounding areas. We endeavor to fulfil HaShem’s calling on our lives by being a strong community which is educated and Torah pursuant.

Beit HaTorah is dedicated to community and education; and as such we serve as a place of quality education for our community and local churches in our area. We have  Adult Education classes throughout the year that are designed to challenge our community to make their faith active. The classes also are used to help those in the church gain a better understanding of the Jewish People and also of their own faith.

Beit HaTorah has an active sisterhood which is involved in community projects including; hospice and purim baskets which provides for the needs of the less fortunate in our community.

Beit HaTorah is dedicated to every member of our synagogue. You do not have to be Jewish to attend, all are welcome. So please come and visit us anytime and see what makes Beit HaTorah so special.

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